Kershaw Contracting Services Celebrate 2-Year Asbestos Contract.

November 30 2017

Kershaw Contracting Services are delighted to have recently been awarded the contract for asbestos surveys and removals in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham.

Awarded the contract by Durkan, an independent developer and contractor in London and the Home Counties, Kershaw will be surveying approximately 1800 properties as part of the Decent Home Programme.

The contract, which is due to run for 2 years, will see Kershaw undertake a series of surveys and sampling to identify the presence of asbestos within the properties. Where asbestos has been identified and removal is required, the details will be passed over to the removals team.  The team, who hold a HSE 3 year asbestos removal licence, will ensure the asbestos is safely removed and any contaminated material disposed of.

Paul Meek, Kershaw Contracting Said “We are very much looking forward to continuing our work with Durkan. We appreciate asbestos can sometimes be a daunting subject for residents, so we will be using our experience, both within the field and working within the community, to ensure our services are carried out to the highest level”

The Decent Homes Programme covers refurbishment of the Councils housing stock, where, according to the to the Government’s Decent Homes Standard, a home lacks three of these criteria:

  • a reasonably modern kitchen (20 years old or less)
  • a kitchen with adequate space and layout
  • a reasonably modern bathroom (30 years old or less)
  • an appropriately located bathroom and toilet
  • safe and efficient heating
  • safe and efficient electrical wiring

Asbestos is likely to be found in any building constructed prior to 2000, and whilst left undisturbed it is generally safe. Risks arise when the material the asbestos is contained within is cut, broken or allowed to deteriorate in some way.